Love Philz Coffee But Where’s The Creamy Goodness For Vegan Coffee Lovers?

Coffee on the weekends, or any day for that matter, makes for a great start to the morning!  One of my favorite coffee shops is Philz Coffee a coffee roaster and coffee chain based in San Francisco, California. I used to drive to the San Francisco cafes all the time which is an hour round trip sxhlep but totally worth it so you can imagine how happy I was when they opened up in Latkspur (closed as of 2017) and most recently in Corte Madera Town Center.  My favorite coffee combo is a coffee bean mix of Jacob’s and Sumatra. Do delish!  What makes Philz coffee great is not only the beans but the fact that they use brown sugar in their coffee AND heavy whipping cream. Oy. The whipping cream! Continue reading