Plant Based Protein – Tofu


There are so many choices of protein for someone on a plant based diet but most people think tofu when you mention plant based and protein in the same sentence (same goes for vegan protein and vegetarian protein).

Tofu for me is pretty basic. It’s the go to protein when I am running out the door and want to have a quick grab and go protein snack.  If I don’t grab it out of my fridge I know I can always stop in Trader Joes, Sprouts or Whole Foods and get a Thai or Teriyaki block of tofu.  I buy the 2-pack blocks and freeze them and pull them out when needed but for me…I love to make my own tofu blocks because I can control the salt and spice content (I like a lot of spice and no salt) and its so much cheaper if you buy a big block of tofu and roast, grill or dehydrate it yourself. And, it takes no time at all to make!

One of my favorite recipes for tofu is to put a bunch of garlic, ginger, Sambal (Thai spice paste) and a dash of Tamari and blend that in my Bullet. I blend until its a nice thick paste. I cut my tofu either into thin slivers or I cube it. I pour the paste on top making sure all tofu pieces are covered then pop it in the fridge to marinate for a few hours. When the tofu has marinated for a while I either pop it into my toaster oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes rotating the tofu every 10 minutes or I put it on a baking sheet and put it in the oven, also at 425 degrees but only have to check it once and flip it once.

Tofu is just one of the protein foods that I eat!  There are so many more choices of protein for plant based, vegan or vegetarian. You can get also get protein from tempeh (fermented soy beans that comes in a block and can be seasoned and roasted like the tofu above, or you can crumble it over a salad or put it in soups and stews) and also seitan which is a made out of wheat gluten so its all protein.

Caveat: if you have digestive issues or are gluten intolerant it would be wise NOT to eat the seitan.

If you are not into tofu, tempeh or seitan just know that almost all of your green vegetables and your nuts have protein. The recommended daily protein for a woman is 46 grams or protein and for a man it’s 56 grams of protein but that doesn’t take into consideration how sedentary (think couch potato) or active (think marathon runner) you are.  If you just focus on filling up your place with lots of green vegetables, adding some beans or lentils and maybe a handful of nuts you will be just fine and won’t have to worry about if you are eating enough protein.